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SWAP January 2014 Press Release

The Challenge of Promoting Interventions to Prevent Disease in Impoverished Populations in Rural Western Kenya

We keep it secret so no one should know

Integrating Health Products and Behavior Change with Antenatal Services in Kenya

The Impact of Integration of Rapid Syphilis Testing during Routine Antenatal Services in Rural Kenya

A Qualitative Evaluation of Hand Drying Practices among Kenyans

Cookstove Impact On Respiratory Disease in Kenya

Impact of Integration of Hygiene Kit Distribution With Routine Immunizations on Infant Vaccine Coverage and Water Treatment and Handwashing Practices of Kenyan Mothers

Addressing Inequities in Access to Health Products through the Use of SocialMarketing, CommunityMobilization, and Local Entrepreneurs in RuralWestern Kenya

A Strategy to Increase Adoption of Locally-produced, Ceramic Cookstoves in Rural Kenyan Households

Impact of a Hygiene Curriculum and the Installation of Simple Handwashing and Drinking Water Stations in Rural Kenyan Primary Schools on Student Health and Hygiene Practices - October 2012

Hygiene and Sanitation Campaign Report - 2012

Cookstove Publication

SWAP Implementation Plan 2012-2014

SWAP Strategic Plan 2012-2014

DFID case study Jan2011

Sprinkles Morbidity MF_Suchdev 22nd APRIL 09

Intergration of Diarrhea reduction Intervention with Immunization November 13, 2010

Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship

Nyando Integrated Child Health and Education Project — Kenya, 2007

Dissemination Symposium

CDC Global Health E-Brief

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