The partners SWAP is collaborating with are the Ministry of  Health, National and International NGO’s, Government of Kenya, US Government, Bilateral Donors and Local Network organizations and Community Based Organizations.

1. Ministry of Health  – SWAP is key stakeholder in health implementing the community strategy. SWAP signed an MOU with the Kisumu County Ministry of Health and is member of various technical working groups. SWAP involves the Ministry of Health in all interventions and research at all levels.

2. Population Services Kenya (PSK) – SWAP received the Aphia Plus HCM Subaward in 2013  for the establishment of two Jamii Centers in Yala and Wagai. SWAP has a long standing partnership with PSK, selling and promoting health  products. PSK offers technical support under this sub award.

3. CDC Atlanta – Is represented in the Board of Directors. CDC has facilitated funding and partnership with KEMRI  and has given technical support for research activities, evaluating the health and economic impact of health interventions and technologies.

4. Procter & Gamble  – Previously funded SWAP to establish the initial Jamii Centers. Now offers technical support to help commercialize and professionalize our model. SWAP received a sub distributors status and receives discount and bonuses on all P&G products which are sold from a Sub Distributors Center.  SWAP has done two studies for P&G Germany on diapers.

5. HENNET – SWAP is a member of HENNET, a National Health NGO Network,  and was represented the maximum term of four years in its Board of Directors. HENNET has built SWAP’s capacity in several areas and strengthened their collaboration with the Ministry of Health.  SWAP remained an active member of HENNET. HENNET stimulates linkages between NGO’s,  the Ministry of Health and the private sector.

6. Harber Charitable Foundation  – They have been loyal donors and supporters of SWAP since 2006. HCF supports the emergency fund and scholarships for orphans as well as the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon.

7. Red Cross –   SWAP collaborates with Red Cross during  disaster preparedness and response. They are organizing the first aid with other partners during the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon

8. CARE Kenya – CARE Kenya is represented in SWAP’s board. CARE introduced safe water systems interventions to SWAP and focuses more on schools while SWAP reaches out to households. CARE trained SWAP on Village Savings and Loans.

9. USAID/DIV – SWAP won a 1 Million US Dollar Award to establish 18 new Jamii Centers in 3 years. This is in partnership with CDC Atlanta, George Washington University Public School of Health and Procter & Gamble. SWAP will professionalize its distribution model and do research on sustainability and health impact.

10. EAWAG – SWAP entered into a partnership with EAWAG in 2013 and took over the management of 6 water kiosks in Nyalenda and Manyatta slums in Kisumu. SWAP has offered training and stocked these kiosks with health products and will in 2014 will select 2 best performing kiosks and turn them into fully operational Jamii Centers.

11. RAND Corporation  – SWAP won in 2013 the “Saving Lives at Birth Award” for which Rand is the prime recipient. SWAP as implementing partner undertook a 2 years antenatal care study in 20 clinics in rural Western Kenya. Mobile phone technologies were used in this study which already saw an increase in pregnant mothers attending antenatal care.

12. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine – SWAP participated in 2012 and 2013 in a Menstrual study and offered technical WASH skills as well as a financial analyst working for the study.

13. Stockholm Environment Institute – SWAP is implementing partner in an antenatal care study in Siaya. SWAP is now outsourcing its research activities to other partners to generate income, gain more experience and establish meaningful partnerships

14. WHO – SWAP is an active member of the WHO international network of household water treatment and storage. WHO has previously funded a cook stove study and has support SWAP to share research findings on international conferences.

15. Universities – SWAP has collaborated with various Universities among them Georgia State University, Liverpool School of  Tropical Medicine, University of California (Berkeley), University of Illinois School of Public Health, New England University, Emory University among others

16. Foundation 4 Life – SWAP has received since 2006 support from this Dutch Foundation with scholarships and psychosocial support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

17. Foundation Wijjocha – SWAP entered a new partnership with the Dutch foundation referred to SWAP by the Dutch Ambassador. They are supporting SWAP’s training program and one of the orphans in a boarding school.

18. Life Ball Vienna – SWAP became recipient of the Crystal of Hope Award in 2014 which was awarded during the opening ceremony of Life Ball. The award was endowed with Euro 100,000 and a Swarovski designed red ribbon. Life Ball brought together thousands of people and international media.