Core values

SWAP Team that help reach out to the vulnerable communities

Compassion: SWAP has remained sympathetic to the plight and suffering of others and compassion will remain a driving force for action.

Partnerships: SWAP appreciates that it cannot alone address the challenges the local people face. Therefore, SWAP will continue to strengthen and foster partnerships with the Ministry of Health, local, national and international organizations such as donors, NGOs, FBOs and CBOs. It will also endeavor to promote effective collaboration and networking with all stakeholders in addressing these challenges.

Shared vision: SWAP will promote a common understanding of what the project stands for, and information will be shared among its members and all stakeholders to enhance a collective and uniform communication on the vision.

Integrity and discipline: SWAP will continue to ensure that accountability and transparency prevails in all its undertakings. Thus SWAP’s overriding interest will be to ensure that resources at its disposal are used to further the targeted community agenda. It will pursue innovation and continue to be honest and remain committed to ethical and professional standards.

Teamwork: The Organization will strive and continue to cultivate virtues of teamwork by creating a climate of trust, discipline and respect among its employees and partners, and which will remain the cornerstone and foundations for collective responsibility and the achievement of its objectives.

Responsiveness: As it always has, SWAP will endeavor to remain sensitive and flexible to the changing needs of its diverse target groups and stakeholders and will adjust itself to facilitate achieving its objectives within mutually acceptable frameworks.
In holding these values to the desired direction, SWAP will be guided within the general principles of equity of access, constructive community participation, respect for human rights and gender considerations