Jamii Centers

Jamii Centers


SWAP in partnership with the Ministry of Health,  Procter & Gamble , Population Service Kenya and USAID/DIV have established Jamii Centres in Ahero, Nyakwere, Homa Bay, Kakamega, Yala and Wagai with an aim of improving the health and development of babies, children and families in the community by increasing access to health products and information about health topics and healthy habits. The Community Health Promoters have also been trained to become self sustainable by generating income through sales of health products and thereby increasing individual entrepreneurs profit.

7120The community health promoters are individual drawn from HIV support groups, self help groups and Community units. They are trained on primary health care, behavioral change techniques, business skills, safe water, social marketing of health products, health promotion, record keeping and stock management.

Each center has an average of 20 Community Health Promoters who are each given household targets of at least 100 households. On weekly basis they visit the Jamii Centers which serves as a business hub and where all the health products are stored. The community can access these centers direct for health information and products.

With funding from USAID/DIV SWAP opened 11 new Jamii centers between 2014 and 2016.