Community Outreach/Mobilization

Community Outreach/Mobilization

SWAP creates awareness on health related topics to remote and vulnerable community members including Community Health Promoters, HIV support groups as well as the general public.

Groups targeted are widows, people living with HIV, home based care groups, youth groups, orphan support groups and other self help groups.

SWAP promotes and demonstrates household water treatment and other health and hygiene products using Education Through Listening(ETL), an interactive behavioral change technique with the community, building on existing knowledge and helping them to adopt positive behavioral change.
SWAP introduces safe water systems interventions which includes safe water treatment,ceramic filters, safe water storage and hygiene promotion including hand washing. Further education is done on hygiene promotion, malaria prevention, HIV, Reproductive health and maternal and child health.

Mobilization is done through chief meetings, church gatherings, village elders and  other existing community structures. Active groups are identified and visited. Groups are offered the health education and  products at wholesale price and they are encouraged to sell in their communities. SWAP continues to mentor  these community groups to sell door to door, during home based care, in community kiosks and pharmacies and during chief’s meetings.

SWAP participated during national and internationalaluor_moyie events such as world water day, global hand washing day, world toilet day and world AIDS Day, whereby we exhibit our products and market SWAP.

SWAP recruits individuals drawn from the above mentioned HIV support groups and Community Units and engages them after training to promote health and sell health products from door to door to an average of 100 households each. The Community Health Promoters operate from Jamii Centers which community members can access for health information and products and where all the health products are stored.