HCM- Health Communication and Marketing Program


HCM- Health Communication and Marketing Program

Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) renewed its partnership with Population Services Kenya (PSK) and signed a 5 year sub award agreement in November 2016- 2021. The Five years Health Communication and Marketing (HCM) program targets Migori County in Western Kenya with focus of implementation being Malaria and diarrhea Prevention. The rationale behind this is that Migori County is among counties with high malaria prevalence countrywide. Implementation of the HCM project kicked off with Nyatike Sub – county as the start point.

The overall goal for the HCM project focuses on; Health of Kenyans improved through increased uptake of Reproductive Health/ Family Planning (RH/FP), HIV, Malaria products and services.

Implementation of social marketing and health communication within the health sector aims to build the sustainability of Ministry of Health (MOH) to lead, coordinate and implement initiatives.

SWAP through its established structures engages the communities through Malaria and Diarrhea Inter Personal Communication (IPC) intervention by adoption of the social behavior Change Communication (SBCC) as a strategy focused on increasing adoption and maintenance of healthy behaviors in regards to the following key health result areas namely,

1: Increased use of quality health services, products and information through Client focused demand creation activities expanded and Social marketing of health products expanded

2: Strengthened capacity of government to Lead, manage and govern Health Communications and marketing Counties leadership and management of health communications and marketing activities strengthened and Public health sector engagement and oversight.

3: Improved use of information for decision making through use of program monitoring and Formative research improved.

SWAP works with existing Community Units (CU’s) and Community Health Volunteers (CHV’s) who champion the SBCC in the households. Malaria, diarrhoea IPC program is implemented through household visits and Small group session (SGS) meetings. The trained community health volunteers contribute significantly towards the government health agenda by taking services to the local level.