Aloyce Odhiambo Rakinyo

Aloyce Odhiambo Rakinyo is currently working for SWAP as a Data Manager.

He has over 8 years of work experience in different NGOs serving in various positions. Among other organizations he has worked with are WRP (Walter Reed Project), KEMRI/CDC and Emory University/Great Lakes University.

Aloyce posses a Bachelor of Science in IT (BScIT) from Maseno University and a higher diploma in Management of information System (MIS) from Kenya College of Accountancy University.

He is a programmer with vast knowledge and experience with different programming languages and data management software. He has done several trainings in different statistical data analysis software with KEMRI/CDC and CDC Atlanta team.

Aloyce is the leading researcher during an antenatal care study in Siaya County in partnership with Stockholm Environment Institute. He is co author and co investigator in various studies which have since been published. He has continued to receive technical support from CDC Atlanta during research activities since 2007 evaluating the health and economic impact of health interventions, products and technologies. He is senior team member of the research department and is a member of the management team.