Community Scale Solar Water Treatment.

SWAP in collaboration with University of Illinois at Chicago, County Government of Kisumu, US based and local engineers established two community scale solar powered safe water enterprises in Ahero at the SWAP Model village and at Chuthber Market. The technology produces ozone for disinfection on-site using new micro-plasma technology. The water is pumped using solar from contaminated rivers Nyando and river Kisian. No ground water is depleted. In Ahero SWAP employed a project officer to manage the water sales and other services offered at the SWAP model village. In Chuthber a local community based organization provides oversight while a local water operator sells the water. SWAP’s lab team continued to provide technical assistance and quarterly water quality testing.

At Chuthber we did a household drinking water study around the solar powered water enterprise to evaluate quality of drinking water. It was followed by additional training on safe water systems, including safe handling and storage of drinking water in the household and point of use water treatment options. In Chutber we engaged one student from the University of Leiden and one student from the University of Illinois who did several evaluations, including focus group discussions.


At Ahero SWAP model village 3 international students from the University of Leiden undertaking a course in Frugal Innovation supported improvements on marketing strategies including IEC materials.

SWAP won two global awards for the community scale solar powered water disinfection units. In 2022 the National Energy Globe Award and in 2023 the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award. With funding from the Global Water Award a third site is currently established at Kopere Market in Muhoroni Sub County in Kisumu County.

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