Cholera Response Project

The purpose of this project is to provide a rapid integrated response to cholera outbreaks to reduce morbidity and mortality, and prevent the spread of illness. The project was initiated in 2006 with funding from Global Disease Detection and the Integrated Diseases Surveillance and Response programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To implement this project, SWAP partners with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, Population Services International (PSI), and the Red Cross.

Response activities have two principal components:

  1. Training of personnel from the Ministry of Health, Red Cross, local government personnel, NGO personnel, schoolteachers, and others;
  2. Distribution of water treatment and hygiene products

In addition, PSI has prepared public service announcements in 6 local languages that can be read on the radio in outbreak affected areas.

The rapid response teams have responded to over a dozen cholera outbreaks,1 shigella outbreak, 1 typhoid outbreak, and 2 flooding emergencies since September 2006.

Since 2011 we have not experienced any more cholera outbreaks in the area, but SWAP has continued to offer preventive services, by promoting the use of water treatment, ceramic filters, safe storage, hygiene promotion including hand washing.

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