World AIDS Marathon

World Aids Marathon

wam_posterThis year marks the ninth year of the World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu,Kenya.This unique event in Kenya brings together people from all over the world to educate and celebrate, and of course to run a marathon race!  SWAP is one of the key organizers. We shall have a full marathon, half marathon, relays, disabled race, 3 kilometer walk for HIV children, HIV related activities and exhibition. It will be held on World AIDS Day.

On World AIDS Day runners, volunteers and NGOs come together in Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu breaking down stigma and encouraging everyone to live a healthier lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overcoming stigma are two big challenges for people living with HIV/AIDS. The marathon has been an opportunity to demonstrate that these obstacles can be overcome.

With the success of the marathon each year we see an increase in media attention and an increase in participants. While all this enables our message to reach a wider audience it also increases the strain on our small budget. Last year, for example, we were barely able to print enough t-shirts for all the registered runners. That’s why we need your help to continue moving forward. Please consider a financial contribution to the marathon.

You can earmark your contribution for a SAM_6206specific need if you would like. For example, the printing of t-shirts with your logo, or you can sponsor a banner which can be branded with your company information. Cash or check contributions can be deposited into our Paybill number or bank account. Once you become a donor your name will appear on our website ( and in other publications. See details below to learn more.

To make a contribution please contact or

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Alie Eleveld – Country Director

Safe Water and AIDS Project


How to donate

MPesa Donations can be received via MPesa on Pay bill Number 921900 Account Number state the name of donor and “MARATHON

Material donations can be dropped off atSafe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP), behind Royal City Hotel in Miliamani Estate. Kisumu

Some of the other activities planned for the day of the race:

  • Voluntary counseling and testing for HIV
  • Treatment available for sexually transmitted infections
  • Condom demonstrations and information about male circumcisions
  • Promotion of safe treated water for the runners
  • Exhibitions by various organizations and NGOs at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground
  • Children’s walk and provision of lunch for orphans, vulnerable children
  • First AID for the runners
  • Entertainment at the finish line

Donations can be earmarked to sponsor specific requirements like:

  • First aid kits and allowances for the first AID team
  • Prizes for the runners
  • Food donations for orphans
  • Food donations for the children during the walk
  • Media coverage (advertisements)
  • Printing of t-shirts, posters, flyers
  • Hiring of tents, chairs and tables
  • Sponsorship of runners (Kshs 100 per runner)
  • Banners (can be branded with your company’s name)
  • Lunch for volunteers and runners
  • Fuel for vehicles
  • Police security
  • PA system
  • Hire of the sports ground venue
  • Juice and glucose for the runners