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Global Giving is a US based crowdfunding platform. Two projects are active on this site. One project titled “Help Protect Health Workers in Kisumu County” was introduced during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds were used to support health care facilities with water tanks, hand washing stations, soaps, masks, gloves and other essential supplies. In December 2021, SWAP received an additional donation of USD 10,000 specific for COVID-19 response and this was used to support the acceleration of 20 COVID-19 vaccination outreaches targeting the most marginalized communities. The second project uploaded on Global Giving was on liquid soap making to improve hand hygiene. SWAP received Kenya Bureau of Standards approval to produce liquid soap. An initial round of free supplies was issued to 47 health care facilities, but currently liquid soap is sold through social marketing by community health volunteers and to markets and partners. There is high demand for the soap.

You can use this link to donate – Globalgiving

Please click on the links below to support some of our ongoing global giving projects

1. Soap Making to Improve hand hygiene Project; Click on the link below for details.

Liquid soap making to improve hand hygiene – GlobalGiving

2. Help protect 1,000 healthcare workers in western Kenya, Click on the link below for details.

Help protect 1000 health workers in Western Kenya – GlobalGiving