Edith Alu

Program Manager – Edith Alu Program Manager       

Edith Alu is the programs manager for safe water and Aids Project and also member of the management team. She has worked for Swap since 2008 and started as the field co-coordinators position for the western province region in charge of staff members before moving to the Kisumu office in January 2014 and charged with the responsibilities of overseeing the daily running of program activities at SWAP

After finishing high school I trained in social work and community development and professional counselor in HIV/AIDS and was employed at the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega from 1996-2003 as the 1st HIV/AIDS Co-coordinator in charge of Kakamega, Lugari ,and Vihiga districts running the HIV/AIDS Prevention program for youth in and out of school, facilitation of behavior change trainings to youth, counseling and referral services, HBC activities to PLWH/A, Paralegal trainings, Co-coordinating and overseeing all HIV/AIDS activities in the 25 parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega.

She later joined the PMTCT- Project based at the patient support centre at the New Nyanza provincial general hospital as the projects social worker/counselor where my major duties were offering VCT, PITC Counseling services, defaulter tracing of PMTCT clients, Pediatric counseling, running of the ART adherence program, facilitation of group therapy sessions for PLWH/A, facilitation of ART initiation/assessment for adults and children and follow-ups through home visits. While at the patient support center she was able to empower and work with HIV Positive mothers through adoption of positive living, and facilitation of ART adherence and pediatric psychosocial counseling. While at PMTCT project she was a pioneer of the ART and psychosocial counseling for pediatrics and became a trainer nationally and internationally through the Kenya Association of professional counselors.

She has a wealth of experience and in programs and has a diploma in project management from KIM, background of social work and counseling. Edith is also trained as a T.O.T, T.O.F, Paralegal and psychosocial child counselor. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree course in project planning and Management at the University of Nairobi.