OVC and vulnerable families support

OVC Support 

Vulnerable child supported with school fees and uniform

Orphans, vulnerable family support individuals and families from vulnerable backgrounds through school fees, medical needs, basic needs, psychosocial support and business startup costs to enable beneficiaries move towards self-reliance and sustainability. SWAP’s role is to identify their needs and provide oversight and mentorship to beneficiaries. Scholarships were offered through different forums. Loyal support has been received from Harber Charitable Foundation and Gabriele Norado.

Towards the end of the year 2023 there was an opportunity to apply for scholarships for secondary and higher education through the Yajuu Foundation. 5 beneficiaries benefitted, 2 enrolled in Secondary School and 3 were approved for higher education. They all will start their education in January 2024.

Donor See                                                                         

Donor see is a US charitable Crowdfunding platform. To support the projects SWAP would post a video and a narrative, then follow up videos to close out the project through the crowd funding platform. SWAP had by the end of 2023 fully supported 50 projects. 16 scholarships, 13 disability support, 10 entrepreneurships, 5 shelters, 3 safe water enterprises, 2 infrastructure improvement and 1 medical support. More details on projects  to view or donate at; https://donorsee.com/swap or alternative link  https://donorsee.com/giveto/17119 – Funds for Donor See Projects are channeled through the SWAP Foundation which was registered in the Netherlands. The foundation transfers funds on monthly basis for SWAP to facilitate the projects.