OVC Support and emergency response

OVC Support 

Person with disability supported with a tricycle which doubles up as a business space.

Orphans, vulnerable and emergency response program’s main objectives are to support individuals and families from vulnerable backgrounds through school fees, medical needs, basic needs, psychosocial support and business startup costs to enable beneficiaries move towards self-reliance and sustainability. SWAP’s role is to identify their needs and provide oversight and mentorship to beneficiaries. Under this program in 2022, we supported 10 beneficiaries, two of them graduated from university. SWAP collaborated with Ujima Foundation where one of the orphans is undertaking a course in beauty and hair, while learning life skills. Several community members benefited from a one-time support based on their needs and challenges.

Emergency response                                                                            

SWAP is active member of the Western Kenya Humanitarian Hub. In previous year we were among the first responders during flood by visiting evacuation camps with food and non-food items and building shelters. In 2022 there were short episodes of erratic rain and flood few areas but also more support such as food distributions provided by the National Government.   Instead SWAP shifted focus to COVID-19 response and vaccination outreaches.    We facilitated 20 COVID-19 vaccination outreaches in 2022. A total of 3,267 people were vaccinated. Target groups were people from flood prone areas, informal settlements, traders and the general public visiting the markets, street families, the elderly and people living with disability. SWAP supported 5 days of data entry, in total 7,602 people were entered in the MOH Chanjo System. Funding for COVID-19 response was received from Global Giving and Harber Charitable Foundation. Weekly meetings with the LREB COVID-19 Advisory Committee of Eminent persons and issued advisories and policy briefs to Governors of 14 counties. COVID-19 Dx database with semi real time data and expanded to other infectious diseases for surveillance. SWAP’s health products were distributed and sold to partner organizations who were supporting communities and health facilities to mitigate the impact and spread of COVID-19.