SWAP Model Village

SWAP Model Village


SWAP acquired land at Ahero, about 100 meters from the Nyando River to put up a  model village which is intended to showcase the health  interventions that SWAP deals with in the community. These include; Water Enterprise, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), improved traditional kitchen and a kiosk with health products.

In collaboration with the University of Illinois and funding from Bill and Melinda Gates SWAP established a water enterprise using solar powered ozonation system in order to more effectively improve water quality. The treatment chain includes the addition of a flocculating agent (aluminum sulfate) to the water before it is ozonated. Water is drawn from the river Nyando which is very turbid and contaminated.

The water following treatment is sold to community members and water vendors while SWAP continues to offer technical support and water testing. The community prefers this water because most water sources in Ahero are salty and have interrupted supply. SWAP is mentoring a local CBO for the supervision and management. The center also has a training / meeting room which is often used by other partners including the Ministry of Health. There is a clean Sato Toilet with a hand washing station with soap for demonstration. The kitchen is used for cooking and for demonstration, showing the clean cook stoves and can also be used during trainings and meetings. 

Inside the model village there is a kiosk where health and hygiene products are displayed. The community can access the model for purchase of water or health products and information.