Social Marketing of health products

Health Products Promotion

SWAP engages Community Health Volunteers who sell and promote health and hygiene products from through door to door social marketing and social behavioral change communication.

They increase access to life saving health products to vulnerable families, while generating income. This program is active in Vihiga County at our satellite office in Kegondi.

In Kisumu SWAP sells and markets  these to urban and rural market places, walks ins and partner organization. Especially during flood and COVID-19 response there has been increased demand for products.

These products include household water treatment (Waterguard, P&G Purifier and Aquatab), safe storage and hand washing vessels, ceramic filters, soaps and detergent, mosquito nets, SATO toilets, Alcohol Based Rub, condoms, fortified flour, improved cook stoves, de-worming tablets, ,skin infection treatments, sanitary pads, menstrual cups and diapers, solar lamps .