Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP)

Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) is a non-governmental organization based in Western Kenya with public health programs, research and emergency response. It was officially registered in Kenya as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in June 2006 governed by a  Board of directors with diversified skills and expertise. SWAP aims to improve the health and economic status of Kenyan people through disease prevention and economic empowerment of the target population. SWAP draws its capacity to do this from a pool of experienced and dedicated technical staff of trainers, public health experts, project officers, M and E staff,  research, finance and administrative staff under the leadership of competent management committee. This is further strengthened through strong collaboration and technical support from various local and international stakeholders. SWAP has gained its valuable experience working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other GOK departments in partnership with various local and international partners for the implementation  of diversified  public health projects and research activities. The projects include the social marketing of various health and hygiene products. SWAP has a research department evaluating the health and economic impact of various interventions, health products and technologies. A water lab supports the research for water testing  and quality control as well as testing technologies and the production of alcohol based hand rub. SWAP responds to emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic and flood and has an OVC department providing scholarships and psychosocial  support. Since 2020 SWAP has been key partner supporting the Ministry of Health with COVID-19 response, advisory services and COVID-19 vaccination outreaches among activities. SWAP is an member of HENNET, the HEALTH NGO Network, KEWASNET, the Kenya Water and Sanitation Network and National Early Childhood Development Network.