Alex Mwaki

Member – Alex Mwaki

Alex Kilasi Mwaki is the Country Director for Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP). He joined SWAP in April 2016 as the Director of Programs and Research and in July 2017 became the Country Director. He has 31 years of experience in environmental health science and community health and development, applied research, willing and experienced to work in multi/cross cultural environment.

Prior to joining SWAP, he was a member of the Board of Directors for a decade. Currently he is the Secretary to the SWAP Board of Directors.

He has worked with CARE International in Kenya for 15 years between February 2000 and March 2016 as Project Manager for School Water Sanitation and Hygiene plus Community Impact (SWASH+) in the Livelihood Sector. His desire is to be a change agent and advisor in aspects of human and environmental health that eventually improves health status of the vulnerable society.

In the past two decades he has contributed to 18 published articles in international peer reviewed journals ranging from Drinking Water Quality, diarrhea surveillance, WASH in schools and Healthcare Facilities, Hand hygiene, menstrual hygiene management, life cycle costs study of school WASH, Conditional Cash transfers for maternal and child health and neglected tropical diseases.

He has received several awards and recognition including Certificate for Outstanding Performance; certificate of appreciation and Achievement in emergency work, certificate in recognition of continuous service to CARE and SWAP, recognition to empower women to become self-sufficient, and lift their families and communities out of poverty.

In December 2017, he was a keynote speaker on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene during the 11th Annual Conference on Neglected Tropical Diseases. In 2022, SWAP won Energy Globe National award and in 2023 won 1st place in Innovation Projects Award- Small Projects category of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award- 3rd Cycle.

He is a member of Kenya Public Health Officers and Technicians Council. He represents SWAP in other WASH network, technical working groups and Community of Practice at Global, National and Western Kenya levels.